Original Art

Original Artwork, By Fable

The abstract artwork by Elizabeth Marlow (the artist known as By Fable) embodies the essence of elevated simplicity.

Marlow's stunning abstract conceptual artwork on canvas combines her signature Indian ink with a new, self-developed textured material.

This original artwork focuses on the interplay of the fluid brushstrokes with the adaptive texture creating a simple but yet profound effect. The resulting pieces are imbued with a heavier, tactile presence, where brushstrokes and texture support and interweave, creating a dynamic dialogue between the two mediums.

About The Artist

Trained at London's prestigious Central Saint Martins and London College of Communication, Elizabeth Marlow began her career in graphic design before discovering the evocative power of Indian ink. During the COVID lockdown, she started painting iconic Singapore landmarks she couldn't visit, honing her signature free-flow technique.

Marlow's style is instantly recognisable: muted palettes, minimalist aesthetics, and calming compositions. Her work thrives in small collections or as statement pieces, often featuring beloved historical buildings.

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