By Fable: Embodying the essence of elevated simplicity

By Fable is a sanctuary for those seeking the calming power of uncluttered spaces and the exquisite details that elevate the everyday. Founded by renowned artist Elizabeth Marlow, By Fable redefines minimalist luxury through handpainted ink illustrations, abstract textured art and bespoke design solutions all in her signature aesthetic.

About The Artist

Trained at London's prestigious Central Saint Martins and London College of Communication, Elizabeth Marlow (also known as By Fable) began her career illustrating and designing for luxury and lifestyle brands before branching out as a solo artist.

By Fable's style is instantly recognisable: monochrome palettes, minimalist aesthetics, and calming compositions. Her work thrives in small collections or as statement pieces.

About The Prints

Elevate your space with our exquisite collection of minimalist ink fine art prints.

Each piece, meticulously hand painted by Elizabeth using Indian ink and a calligraphy brush captues a subject's essence. Each of the pieces work as a stand alone statement or pair beautifully for eye catching gallery walls.

Indulge in the quiet elegance, adding a touch of minimalist luxury to your home or office.

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About The Original Art

By Fable's stunning abstract textured artwork on canvas combines her signature Indian ink with a new, self-developed textured material to create minimalist masterpieces.

This original artwork focuses on the interplay of the fluid brushstrokes with the adaptive texture creating a simple yet profound effect.

The resulting pieces are imbued with a stunning tactile presence, where the ink brushstrokes and texture support and interweave, creating a dynamic dialogue between the two mediums.

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About Our Studio

Led by renowned artist Elizabeth Marlow, we craft bespoke designs and illustration solutions for brands and businesses in our signature aesthetic.

We work tirelessly with you ensuring your brand, event or product leaves a lasting impression with our signature luxury By Fable aesthetic.

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