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How to Keep Your Art Prints Looking Great

At By Fable, our prints are essential as it adds a unique touch of personality to your home and space. Be it framed or unframed prints, this guide is here to teach you the Dos and Dont's of caring for your art prints. 
Do you know that paper has a tendency to be fragile? It can wrinkle, tear, and bend, so it needs to be handled with care. Aging of a print is a natural process, contributed by other environmental factors that affect a prints longevity. We are going to share what are the factors that result in this, all you need to do is read on...
For Unframed Pieces Only...
Use a sheet of silicone release paper to cover the canvas and seal it with packing tape, ensuring that no tape makes contact with the canvas. Alternatively, a clean plastic sheet works too. Pad this further with bubble wrap, securing it with packing tape, and once again support its front and back with hardboard. There you have it, we hope you enjoyed this guide to make your art prints looking great again! 
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