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Artwork is fundamental to making a house a home and sharing your unique style and taste. The artwork you choose is as important as the pieces of furniture that surrounds it and can change a whole room’s aesthetic. But how do you choose the artwork and how do you pair the different sizes of the pieces together?

At By Fable our prints are created so that they work beautifully as stand alone pieces or placed together in a gallery wall mixing and matching the artwork’s different sizes. We’ve shared a few of our favourite combinations below showcasing how they can be paired as well as some rules and handy hints for how to hang your artwork.

Rule 1: 60/ 40

A general rule of thumb is that you can cover 60% of the area with wall art and must leave 40% of the area blank. This rule applies even when you are hanging a single piece of art or a cluster of frames (known as a gallery wall).

(This arrangement features our Raffles A2  framed prints)

Rule 2: Plan before you bang

Plan the look of your gallery wall. We like to place all of the artwork on the floor in front of the wall, experimenting with different combinations and arrangements. As well as the size of the artwork think about the thematic content, the elements should be harmonious and represent a theme of concept.  

(This arrangement features our Date Palm and Palm A3 framed prints).

Rule 3: Spacing matters

The spacing of the different pieces of art will make all the difference from your space looking haphazard to looking chic. You need to Make sure that there’s consistent spacing between pieces, we usually suggest a two-inch gap.

(This arrangement features our Raffles, Shophouse and Black& White A3 framed prints)

Rule 4: The odd number rule

One of the most effective rules of wall art design is the odd number rule – objects arranged in odd numbers are more pleasing to the human eye. Therefore go for three, five or even one large frame if you want the artwork to be the focal point of a room. As well as odd numbers we like experimenting with different shapes and sizes of artwork, placing some landscape and portrait but all the while thinking of the rules above.

(This arrangement features our Botanics A2, Colbar A3 and Palm A4 framed prints)

Start planning and arranging the artwork for your space today, shop our full range of stunning ink illustrations here. 



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