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#WFH, Studying or In The Office? Here's 5 Tips to Maximise Your Productivity

Make Space and Clear Your Mind

Start your study in a clean space or an organised chaos (which we think everyone has their own way of working), with all the essentials you might need and remove any distractions (put your phone on silent or better yet flight mode!)

Find a space that's calm and away from the main happenings of your house so as not to be interrupted. If you’re working outside of the house, be mindful of where you are such as distractions & sound. 

TIP: Always pack headphones, this is the easiest way to transform any space that you’re in - drown out distractions and really focus.

Take Breaks

Time away from working or studying is actually beneficial in being more productive. Make sure to drink lots of water, take meal & snack breaks, do some stretches or take a 10 minute walk.

You’ll find after just a 10 minute break you're energised and ready to put in another few hours of study rather than pushing through and burning yourself out.

At By Fable, we enjoy using apps like Pomodoro or Flow to get us going for the day. With so much time we spend on the screen, it's important to look out to nature to rest your beautiful eyes while you're pondering your next move...

Time Block Your Day

Time Blocking not only allows you to efficiently schedule out your day it helps your brain to focus on specific tasks minimising the overwhelm. This is also how you can schedule in your breaks to fit around your tasks - the A4 To Do List Notepad has ample space to plan out your week with your meetings, tasks, work breaks, socialising, family time and time for self. 

Plan ahead

Use the calendars in your diary or our 2023 Desk Calendar to work backwards from any deadlines (deadlines or project due) to effectively plan out when to start working your next step and what weeks you may need to focus extra attention on certain task. With our new 2023 Desk Calendar, there are key notes for you to take down the main objectives of each month. 

Do this as soon as you receive deadlines to avoid getting caught out cramming at the last minute, this will allow you to have more time for yourself throughout your weeks. We reckon our 2023 Desk Calendar and A4 To Do List Notepad will go hand in hand.

Up your productivity game with our range of Desk Essentials.

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