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Brass Maintenanace - Product Care Guide


Brass as a material is very durable. It has the capacity to last for hundreds of years in a good state provided you care for it. All of our Brass is 'unlacquered' but can always be polished to regain its shine.
If you like shiny finish then you can use a suitable Brass polish (we use good old Brasso which should be used sparingly) along with a non-abrasive clean cloth which will not be necessary more than monthly.
If you prefer more authentic, well maintained but 'aged' look then give a more gentle polish less frequently and try and apply pressure only to the raised surfaces - on a product with detail this will mean that the crevices are left to darken over time giving a more defined and well worn appearance.
On the other hand you can allow your Brass to darken over time. If you never polish your product it will dull right down and, depending on the level of copper it contains, may show signs of a greenish tinge. However, as solid Brass will not rust, you can use a decent amount of elbow-grease and Brass polish to regain the shine even after many years. For more serious cases, a very fine wire wool could be used with the polish - this should be done with caution as you need to avoid scratching the surface.
In summary, Brass is perfect for use outdoors, indoors, and even on boats and requires sporadic maintenance. You can read more about Brass here.
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